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Handmade Glass Beads, Designer Jewellery and Art Glass Homewares

Exquisite handmade glass beads, designer jewellery and kiln glass homewares for those who appreciate the rich colours and one-off designs that can only be achieved through the centuries-old art of lampwork glass.

Northcoast Beadmakers, founded by glass artist Kimmyg, offers an impressive array of lampwork glass beads each as unique as a snowflake, but with the longevity of kiln annealed glass. Beautifully presented and cleaned until they shine, these lovingly crafted beads may be purchased separately, for those who like to create their own designs, or choose from a stunning selection of bespoke necklaces, bracelets and earrings, each piece telling a unique story.

To complement this stunning collection of glass beads, we also offer one-off kiln glass homewares.

Art glass platters, plates, bowls and clocks combine the artistic quality of lampwork glass with the functionality of homewares you can use every day, save for a special occasion or present to loved ones as a special gift.

While flameworked glass beads are our signature product, we also offer quirky and highly original gift ideas, including handmade books and journals made with decorative paper, bookbinding kits and wooden gift boxes for artists and writers, curated with a treasure trove of tools to spark your creative fire.

Visit our blog to learn more about the ancient art of lampwork glass or peruse our collection.


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