About Us

Kimmyg brings a deep understanding of colour, form and pattern to her glasswork, informed by a lifetime of creative endeavour ranging from couture design to fabric dyeing. She is moved and inspired by the infinite possibilities glass affords to create functional pieces, such as glass beads or glass platters, that are rich in beauty and meaning.

Kimmy’s love for all things artistic and creative goes back to childhood. The daughter of an artist/printmaker and potter, her exposure to the arts began very early. Originally from the UK, she has spent her life exploring numerous mediums.

In the 1970s, a favourite pastime was visiting The Bead Shop in London’s Covent Garden, where she spent hours admiring handmade beads. This early experience sparked her love of exquisite lampworked beads and led her to pursue her now signature art form: glass beads.

Kimmy’s first foray into glass began with leadlighting, then flameworking and kiln glass, producing fused and slumped pieces. Her torchworking skills allow her to create pattern elements that can be incorporated into larger glass pieces.

Her inspiration has always been the minutiae of patterns and colour in the natural world, having spent several years regularly visiting the Great Barrier Reef working as a marine interpreter. The complexity of natural patterns fascinates Kimmyg, finding its way into much of her work.

Keeping the age-old tradition of handmade glass beads alive

Kimmyg has been a working glass artist for 30 years, cementing a reputation as one of the few artisans who continue to create sophisticated handmade glass beads despite an influx of cheap machine-made imports.

A skilled artisan passionate about creating work that reflects the world around us, she is fascinated by the elegant dance between light and colour that occurs when she crafts each piece. Those familiar with Kimmyg’s work remark that her designs are instantly recognisable due to their movement and attention to detail.

Her work includes:

  • handmade glass beads
  • fused glass
  • glass designer jewellery
  • lampwork
  • leadlight
  • kiln glass homewares (glass platters, plates and bowls).

Kimmyg formed Northcoast Beadmakers in 2006 as a creative collective of lampworkers – also known as flameworkers – from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast on the east coast of Australia. The aim was to represent quality Australian lampwork, kilnwork and handmade designer jewellery by established and emerging artists.

Based in Dulong on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Kimmyg now works at her home studio and has recently opened a shared studio, inviting other artists who may not have access to studio space to exhibit their work in a professional quality gallery space.

Kimmyg’s work is available through this website, and she is happy to discuss private commissions by appointment.