About Us

Northcoast Beadmakers has undergone a number of transformations since it was originally established in 2006. Prior to this I (Kimmyg) had been flameworking for approximately two to three years as an independent. Originally Northcoast represented a small number of lampworkers (otherwise known as flameworkers) primarily located in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia (which is how the name came about). Northcoast grew to around 27-28 individuals in around 2009-2010 as an online gallery representing quality Australian lampwork, kilnwork and jewellery from established and emerging artists.

In Australia, as glass beads have enjoyed a revival, more and more beads are being imported from China, India and the Asia Pacific regions. Unfortunately these beads are often not annealed and sometimes not even properly cleaned. They are also very cheap making it tough competition for many of the artisan beadmakers, not just in Australia, but around the world. Also, many hobbyists have started producing beads (sadly not all of whom ensure that their beads are correctly annealed and often are producing 'organic' beads that really do not do justice to the age old skills of flameworking). Australian beadmakers have the additional costs of importing glass from Italy, Germany, USA just to name a few of the more prominent sources for glass. Oxygen is also expensive in Australia by comparison to the USA.

Northcoast has been 'dormant' for the past few years but is now being updated with the focus primarily back on handmade lampwork glass beads. All beads, from the very smallest spacers to the largest focals, listed on this site have been cleaned and kiln annealed to ensure lasting beauty and strength so you can be assured of the quality of the product.

Additionally, I will be adding sections for some of the other things I make such as handmade books, kiln glass and lighting, as well as some bespoke jewellery.  

I hope you will follow new listings with interest :)

I will be updating the Facebook Northcoast Beadmakers page with any and all new listings so to be sure that you are "in the know" please like and follow this page........