February 14, 2023

What are millefiori or murrini?

By Kim Griffith
What are millefiori or murrini?

Millefiori (Italian for "a thousand flowers") and murrini are decorative glass objects that are used in the production of Venetian glass. They are made by layering different colors of hot glass rods, which are then stretched, cut, and formed into intricate patterns. The resulting cross-sections of these glass rods reveal a mosaic of intricate designs that resemble flowers, hence the name "millefiori".

These decorative elements are often used in the creation of glass beads, paperweights, and other decorative glass objects. The process of creating millefiori and murrini is a complex and skilled technique that requires a high degree of craftsmanship and expertise. As a result, these objects are highly prized and collected by glass enthusiasts, who appreciate their beauty, complexity, and the level of skill required to produce them.

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