Singles - PER EACH - Spacers (Effetre/Moretti) - Opaques (PLAIN), two different sizes - 1.8mm mandrels

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Singles - PER EACH - Spacers (Effetre/Moretti) - Opaques (PLAIN)  in two different sizes  - 1.8mm mandrels

Basic spacers (PLAIN) in a whole range of opaque colours!  Made on 1.8mm mandrels.  

You can choose:

  • from two different sizes, Size 1 are approximately 8mm dia x 5mm, Size 2 are approximately 10mm dia x 6mm
  • to order any of the colours that are shown  - if the colour you want does not appear on the list, I likely do not have stock of the same..  If you absolutely have to have the exact colour you would like, please send me a special request via email. 

Use the product options to choose colour and size.  See separate listing for the same colours ETCHED.  

Note: Pricing variations are due to the cost of the glass

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